Whitepaper: Supply Chain KPI Dashboard

Since the COVID pandemic started, supply chain disruption started as well. Due to production uncertainties in China and container shortages, many retailers and manufacturers have exhausted their inventories and are now struggling to fulfil customer demand. This shortage in the supply of products and raw material has driven prices up and lowered profit margins. 

It also increased uncertainty in general, leading to less grip on your own supply chain. With multiple uncertain factors, it can be hard to create an annual plan, including a forecast with a reasonable financial perspective for next year.

When trying to increase the grip on your supply chain we notice at our customers that starting with a KPI-dashboard that is validated regularly helps to make integral decisions together with multiple stakeholders involved.

In this whitepaper we describe which steps you can take to start or improve your own KPI-dashboard. We start by explaining the connection between (supply chain) strategy and KPIs after which we explain the steps we take in projects in which we help our clients develop their own KPI-dashboard. We think it is important to realize that developing and implementing a KPI-dashboard is only the beginning of continuously improving your supply chain performance. Therefore we also include the ‘soft side’ of implementing a KPI-dashboard by which we mean how you can start using your dashboard after creating it.


Download hieronder het whitepaper: Supply Chain KPI Dashboard

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