Market Research: Integrated Business Planning Tooling

Supply Value conducted a market research about Integrated Business Planning (IBP), in the retail industry. The research contains a comparison between twelve leading IBP tooling providers and insights from thirty (retail) organizations on IBP. Supply Value provides an  independent advice on the total IBP roadmap – from selection to the implementation phase.  

Supply Value sees IBP as an extension of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. S&OP is a cross-functional process, typically volume-oriented and owned by the supply chain. IBP however involves an entire business perspective, and connects all departments within a companies strategic, tactical and operational levels. It is value-driven technique (based on the delivery of financial objectives), sponsored by top management, which supports the long-term strategy of an organization.

The transformation from any planning to IBP has many advantages for companies, in particular for retailers. The research describes the retail-specific factors for the IBP implementation phase. Additionally, a (qualitative and quantitative) business case for IBP and the requirements needed to progress are presented in the research. The list of twelve providers of IBP tooling can be used in the selection procedure. Supply Value has provided its own insights and expertise in the acquisition and implementation process. Lastly, the insights from the providers of IBP tooling and companies working with IBP are elaborated.

As an independent consulting firm, Supply Value does not partner with any IBP software provider. The results are therefore independent and impartial.


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