Care report: From concern for care to concern for health

COVID-19 has caused a stir in every industry, but the healthcare sector has certainly been hit hard. Various parties must be creative in the search for innovative solutions. But even before the COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare sector was already faced with tough dilemmas. Examples of this are the increasing aging of the population, increasingly complex care demands, the increase in the need for care, individualization of the patient and an increasing shortage of qualified personnel.  

In the coming years we see some big changes taking place within the healthcare sectorr, among other things driven by means of technologicalth developments. So what can we think about? To take robots we care completely about? Gefft Google us a diagnosise? One thing is certain: dthanks to new technologies becomeand opened new doors and solutions arise in front of much of the dilemma's. Here are already different perspectives and scenarios about appeared. An overview of possible scenarios is useful, but what are the priorities within the healthcare sector for the coming years? Is the priority robotics or active cooperation in a networkAnd how develops the debate about ethics of carewho decides what care someone receives?  

Read more about this in us report, in which eight important developments are being explained which will lead to major changes in the healthcare sector in the coming years. We discuss both the developments and their interrelationships. In this way, Supply Value provides added value to the much-discussed topic: the future of the healthcare sector.  

When the described developments are deployed on time within the healthcare sector offers this great opportunities in the field of cost reduction, quality improvement  and developing a sustainable care model. These opportunities become in the report further explained. This enables various parties (both care providers and health insurers) to make an important contribution to even better health care in the future. By embracing the developments and at intebe able to grieve parties frontrunner be in their field.

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