Whitepaper – Van strategie naar resultaat: Doelen & KPIs

Human lives become longer and product life cycles become shorter. People want to and can achieve more in less time, partly because we are supported by all kinds of technology. It is therefore important to draw up and implement an appropriate mission, vision and strategy within your organization. By means of four consecutive white papers we share our knowledge regarding how you as an organization can respond to the changing world and how you can ensure that you achieve the intended results.

Achieving results starts with drawing up a long-term, multi-year plan. The mission and vision are translated into a strategic plan which is then translated into annual goals. That is the starting point for this white paper.

Drawing up annual plans and the corresponding quantitative and qualitative targets is a recurring cycle for every organisation. It is essential that good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined during the setting up of (annual) targets so that you can also see during the year whether you are on track. These enable the organization to objectively measure the extent to which goals are achieved. In this whitepaper we show how goals and KPI's can be set up and deployed in an effective way. Download it below!

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