Whitepaper – Implementing Agile in (semi-)government

In today's world, it is important for organizations to be able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of customers. Because traditional waterfall methods did not support this, the Agile philosophy was developed in 2001. In recent years, the popularity of Agile has increased immensely, so that more and more organizations have started using it. The aim of the philosophy is to enable companies to operate profitably in a competitive environment, with constantly and unpredictably changing customer needs (Goldman, Nagel, & Preiss, 1995).

In the beginning, Agile was only implemented in IT organizations, where it resulted in better products, less waste, more predictability, shorter time-to-market and happier staff. As these benefits became apparent, the thinking spread to other sectors such as manufacturing, construction and supply chain management. In these private sectors, a lot of research has been done into the use and implementation of Agile. In the public sector, on the other hand, research into the implementation of Agile is very scarce. This while the use of Agile in this sector may be very interesting. For example, implementing Agile in project management in this sector can provide an improved ability to streamline projects and bring flexibility, which makes it easier to manage the different stakeholders and users.

The many potential benefits of using Agile in project management in (semi-)public organizations, in combination with the limited knowledge in the literature on Agile in the private sector, has prompted Supply Value to further investigate this.

The result of this research is this Whitepaper, which focuses on factors for implementing the Agile philosophy in project management of (semi-) government organizations. In addition, based on these factors, practical recommendations are given regarding the implementation of Agile in project management in (semi-) government organizations.


Do you Would you like to know more about implementing Agile working in a (semi-)government organization? download then here entirely free the whole white paper.

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