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Are you doing your master's and are you going to graduate this year? Do you want to do your research in the fields of procurement, supply chain or information management? Then keep reading! Supply Value offers various possibilities for master students to combine their research with a challenging internship.

Graduate or internship at Supply Value?

Supply Value is looking for new talent with clever ideas within procurement, supply chain operations and digital. We have listed a number of topics at the bottom of this page that we would like to explore ourselves, but please contact us if you have a good idea of your own. Each intern has his/her own supervisor at Supply Value. Your supervisor is always there to help you with professional and personal support.

Supply Value does not only help you with practical knowledge, but also with access to our network, our knowledge library and our database. In addition, we keep a close eye on your thesis to make sure it is relevant both from a business and academic point of view. Supply Value consists of the business units procurement, supply chain and operations and digital. As a graduate intern, you will also become a part of one of these teams and we will take you fully into the working method of a rapidly growing consultancy agency.

What do we expect from you?

Depending on the final research, we ask the following from you:

  1. Plan of action;
  2. A (practical) framework based on the results of the study;
  3. Research report with results, conclusions and recommendations;
  4. A relevant publication in a professional journal;
  5. Organizing a workshop or webinar(s) about the results in cooperation with international branch organization;
  6. The final thesis.

What can you expect from us?

  • A personal supervisor;
  • Practical knowledge of your supervisor and other colleagues at Supply Value;
  • Support to ensure both academic and business relevance;
  • Access to our business network of procurement, supply chain and digital professionals in public and private organizations (for possible surveys or interviews);
  • Access to our knowledge library;
  • An open and passionate professional culture;
  • A monthly compensation with a bonus structure.

Your profile?

  • We prefer someone who is going to graduate in a Master in the field of (technical) business administration, economics, supply chain management, procurement management, information management, computer science or similar Masters;
  • You have affinity with consultancy;
  • You belong to the top 20% of academic students (we test this with a capacity test);
  • You speak and write the Dutch language excellently;
  • You are driven to achieve the highest possible results;
  • You are independent and proactive;
  • On your CV you will find extra curricular activities;
  • You are ambitious, conscientious and critical;
  • You're an open-minded team player.

The selection procedure consists first of a CV round, then a first introductory interview, followed by an assessment in the form of a capacity test. Finally, a second interview follows and if both parties are enthusiastic, we will make you an offer.

If you would like more information about our graduation options, you can reach our recruiter Tom Groenestein via 0880555999 / 06 25 30 13 38 or via 

Ask a question immediately via WhatsApp

Possible topics

Below you will find a list of possible topics to combine your graduation with an internship at Supply Value. Of course, it is also possible to choose a suitable subject yourself.

Graduating at Digital

Optimale IT Governance organisatie

In recent years there is a trend visible within the IT field. IT organizations transform from supply-driven organizations, with internal IT suppliers, to IT management organizations. These management organizations play a major role in connecting the demand of the internal customer and the supply of external suppliers. Questions that are interesting to investigate are: What does an optimal IT governance organization look like? What are the different maturity levels of IT management organizations? What steps can an organization take to grow to a next level of maturity? And what are the critical success factors and pitfalls?

SCB in de IT-sector

Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Waterways and Public Works) has been working with system-oriented contract management (SCB) since 2003. SCB is now also used by water boards, provinces and municipalities. Through SCB suppliers are given the responsibility to carry out their work as an expert in their field. The supplier monitors the quality of the delivery of the products through quality management and shows that the customer's requirements are met. The customer then applies SCB to verify this. Customers carry out risk-based audits. In the event of a successful audit result, the supplier is paid. For more information about SCB, see:

SCB is already being used on a small scale for the purchase of IT products and services. Supply Value wants to conduct scientific research into the application of SCB in the IT sector. What does the literature say about the advantages and disadvantage? What advantages and disadvantages are there in practice? How can SCB be implemented within organizations and what are the success factors and pitfalls?

IT Trends 2020

What are the most important trends in the information management field? What are the recommendations based on these results for professionals in the field?

Graduating in Procurement Management


Tender boards increasingly play a major role in tendering procedures. You can see this as a committee of experts in the field of procurement within the organization. This instrument is used to professionalize tenders, often in public organizations. Tender boards are also called procurement committees. This subject complements well with a master's thesis from last year by one of our colleagues, in which current forms of tender boards are set out in a tender process. The follow-up research will focus on situations in which a procurement committee in private and public organizations is possible: what works and what doesn't work? What are success factors and why do certain organizations use these tender boards or not?  

Organizing contract management

For years, organizations have often focused on professionalizing procurement as this leads to benefits such as lower costs, value creation and risk reduction. However, these benefits are not achieved, or only to a limited extent, without good contract management. Given the increase in research into contract management, more and more organizations seem to be aware of this. But how do you start as an organization with contract management? Which factors are important in this design issue? Is there a best practice and if so, which? And if not, why not?  

For this research we are looking for someone with an interest in procurement and contract management. We prefer to conduct this qualitative research at organizations in the healthcare and high-tech industry. 

Inkoop KPI’s

Procurement and cost reduction were inextricably linked for a long time. In recent years, organizations are increasingly realizing that strategic costs alone cannot be achieved. Procurement can be an added value for organizations in all kinds of areas, but it is of course even better if this can be made clear. In an ideal situation, the performance of the procurement department is measured in real time and it also becomes clear how procurement contributes to the achievement of (strategic) objectives.  

But how can you provide insight into the added value of procurement? Which KPIs could you think of? And how can you then structurally measure it?  

For this research we are looking for someone with an interest in procurement and performance management. Together we will further shape this research.  

Graduating in Supply Chain Management

A) Shortening the chain

Shortening a supply chain has many advantages: a short chain can be more transparent, existing links have more control over the entire process and employees are more involved. In order to successfully shorten a supply chain, there are several questions to answer, for example in the field of processes and production. But change science can also play a role. Together with Supply Value you will look for different best practices.


B) Increase cooperation maturity

One of the essential factors that facilitates to meet the set performance targets is the collaboration with your chain partners. Chain cooperation leads to more efficient use of resources, the development of new competences and competitive advantage. But to what extent do organizations measure their performance and work together with their chain partners? And how can cooperation maturity be increased sustainably?

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is één van de grootste multidisciplinaire processen die zich binnen een organisatie af kunnen spelen. Verschillende afdelingen moeten dan ook betrokken worden bij het proces om de bedrijfsvoering succesvol te laten zijn. Maar wie kan dit proces het beste leiden? Hoe wordt eigenaarschap bij de betrokken medewerkers gestimuleerd? En op welke manier kan S&OP geoptimaliseerd worden?

The Netherlands is at the top of the world in terms of logistics. In order to maintain this position, it is very important to innovate. Through your research you contribute to this innovation. The research is jointly formulated with us.

As an organization, you want your business operations to take place as effectively and efficiently as possible. In order to achieve this, it is important to examine the different processes: where are the possibilities for improvement per process? How does this affect other processes? Are the resources fully used? And finally: what happens when a process cannot be further optimized? You will find your way in (one of) these and other optimization issues and thus work on best practices regarding optimal performance.

Every organization has a mission, vision and strategy. Most organizations write them down, too. In practice, however, it is difficult to make the real translation from strategic goals to objectives at the departmental, team and individual level. Moreover, many organisations fail to work on achieving these objectives in a structured way, because the link between objectives and action cannot be made explicit.
Which methods, organizational structure and processes allows organizations to make the connection between strategy, action and result? Supply Value would like to dive deeper into a study in this direction with you.

Due to the constant changes in markets and industries, you as an organization need to be able to implement changes quickly in order to respond to opportunities. But how can you ensure that your ganization is flexible enough and can still achieve its strategic goals? By using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method, an organization can link objectives to measurable results. But how do you implement the OKR method in an organization? And how do you execute these? Together with Supply Value, you will look for what the OKR method has to offer to organizations.

By applying Asset Management, organizations can achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Among other things, the data-driven approach leads to more insights into the condition of the assets, allowing organizations to proactively work towards their goals. But how should processes be set up to work asset-oriented? What challenges are there at the intersection of people and technology? And how can Asset Management be taken to the next level?

Stage lopen bij  Team Services

Je loopt mee op de afdeling services onder begeleiding van de HR adviseur om zoveel mogelijk ervaring op te doen op het gebied van personeelsplanning, medewerkerstevredenheid en alles rondom goed werkgeverschap.

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Je loopt mee met de Corporate Recruiter en maakt kennis met de wereld van werving & selectie binnen een Consultancy omgeving. Door slim gebruik te maken van verschillende online tools zoek je nieuwe talenten, selecteer je uit deze groep de beste match en spreek je met de kandidaten om een eerste selectie te maken. Daarnaast werk je samen met je collega’s van Services aan allerlei zaken die bijdragen aan de ondersteuning van al onze collega consultants.

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Is your ideal subject not listed here, but would you like to graduate at Supply Value? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your graduation research.