From strategy to success: make your objectives action-oriented and measurable

You have laid down your mission, vision and strategy for the next three years and have linked a year plan to it. The strategic goals are clear and unambiguously formulated and are explicitly shared with the entire organization. Nothing stands in the way of the success of your organization in the coming year. That 20% sales growth, 2% efficiency increase and NPS score of 30% will come.

During the year, however, the figures lag behind the intended growth path, while the organization appears to be working hard and the collaboration between divisions seems to be in order. The management lacks steering information to put their finger on the sore spot and there are no dials to adjust the organization towards the intended result.

Link strategy and processes
The above illustration describes what happens to an organization if the link between the strategy and the processes on the work floor is not concrete enough. How good a strategy on macroniveau is also described, he will be beaches in good intentions if he is not explicitly translated to meso and micro level. In a better situation, it is clear for each department, every team and every individual how his or her work contributes to the achievement of the organizational goals. In the ideal situation, this contribution is measurable and can be tracked down to the capillaries of the organization over time whether the organization is on track to achieve its strategic goals.

The OGSM method offers organizations the concrete tools to make this translation between strategy and operation successful and structured. This method helps the organization in achieving joint and controlled objectives. Large organizations at home and abroad have drawn up their 3-year plan and quarterly plans with OGSM in recent years.

Want to know more?
So, do you want to work together and in a controlled manner on your strategic goals? Would you like to know more about what OGSM can do for your organization? Or how OGSM can be introduced for your organization? Download the entire article about OGSM below or contact Sander van der laan directly at +316 81 31 85 13.