Training TenderNed

Do you want to know how to optimally prepare your organization for a digital tender? Then the training is successful in digital tendering and TenderNed guidance is something for you!

What is TenderNed?

TenderNed is the online marketplace for tenders from the Dutch government. On the basis of the 2013 Public Procurement Act it is mandatory that the announcement and award be communicated electronically, these must be mentioned at least on TenderNed, all other sites are additions. In the future, registration by suppliers will also be mandatory electronically.

Training TenderNed: successful digital tendering and TenderNed support

Supply Value specializes in the supervision of (European) tendering processes. We can support you in the use of TenderNed and in the successful placement of a (digital) tender.

(European) tendering requires a lot from your organization and the ever-changing regulations mean that you increasingly have to deal with European tenders. In order to achieve more success in tendering, it is important to have knowledge in the background of European tendering, knowledge about the procedures and the selection & award criteria and tips & tricks when drafting tenders. In the course Supply Value devotes extensive attention to these topics.

Supply Value offers a basic course and an advanced course.

Basic course for tendering


  1. The tender process (2 half days)
    a. Strategy
    b. Specify
    c. Selecting
    d. To contract
  2. Relevant legislation and frameworks (1 half day)
  3. Special tender forms (1 half day)
  4. Optimal use of TenderNed (optional 1 day part)

Advanced course tendering

The advanced course contract is a program specially tailored for you. In a short introduction meeting, we analyze in which areas you still need support. After this conversation we will prepare a day program for you. Are you interested in an advanced course? Then do not hesitate to do so contact us.

Tenderned guidance

Supply Value has a course environment from TenderNed with which we can provide training and support you in the implementation of TenderNed in your organization.

In the course you get to know TenderNed in an interactive way. We walk through the different phases with you step by step. The course environment can be installed on your own laptop, so there can be extensive training with the course material.

After participating in this course you will understand how TenderNed works and you can successfully publish your own tenders.

For who?

For contracting authorities who want to know more about how to successfully launch tender projects in the market.

Are you interested or do you want to know more about Supply Value? Then contact us.