Training Lean Procurement

Would you like to become acquainted with Lean Procurement and have a concrete starting point for further improvement actions the same day? Then get acquainted with the workshop Lean Procurement!

What is Lean Procurement?

Lean is an approach developed in the automotive industry where it is all about working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Lean procurement is the application of existing Lean tools and methodologies, such as DMAIC process, Value Stream Mapping and the 5S Analysis to improve purchasing activities. By applying these methods it becomes clear which activities add a lot or little value and effective improvements can be implemented.

By applying Lean Procurement you can achieve more results with less effort. This requires no complex measurements or analysis, but with the help of smart templates this can be made in a few hours.

The training

The training / workshop will take you and your employees through the base of Lean. Subsequently, the subject of Lean Procurement is further explored, after which you and your employees can immediately start working on it. After an interactive session of 4 hours, not only you, but all your employees know where the opportunities for improvement are within your organization.

For who?

This training is for organizations that want to know more about Lean Procurement. This Lean training is interesting for buyers as well as for people working on process optimisations.

Our trainers?

Our trainers are passionate professionals with a background in business administration, economics and additional purchasing training. In addition to giving purchasing training, our trainers can also be used as interim buyer or process analyst.

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