Training Best Value Sales

Would you like to know how you can apply the Best Value Procurement methodology as a sales employee? Or to get to know Best Value Procurement better in preparation for a number of tenders? Then the Best Value Procurement Sales training is for you.

What is Best Value Procurement (BVP)?

Best Value Procurement (BVP) is an innovative purchasing methodology based on purchasing and realizing the highest value for the lowest price (best value). Best Value Procurement (BVP) offers clients a high (er) predictability of the final goal, expressed in costs, time and quality with minimum effort and control of the client. Best Value Procurement (BVP) offers contractors the best opportunities to show their expertise. BVP can be applied in both the private and public sector.

The training

The Best Value Procurement Sales (BVS) training is a four-hour workshop. You will receive a presentation about the basic steps of Best Value Procurement and how you can implement this in practice. During the training, extra attention is paid to the registration of a tender that proceeds via Best Value Procurement. In the second part of the training you start with a case. Our trainers give you practical tips, sheets and templates, so that you can start the next day with the knowledge gained. We can determine the training location in consultation and tailor it to your wishes.

For who?

For sales employees who want to know more about Best Value Procurement and who are involved in tenders. This purchasing training is interesting for both sales staff from the private sector and the public sector.

Our trainers?

Our trainers are passionate professionals with a background in business administration, economics and / or ICT and additional purchasing training.

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