Tips for more impact ICT purchasing

Supply Value carried out research into purchasing ICT and publishes it on the Financial Management website.

What are the most used ICT purchasing goals? What are the most important risks with regard to ICT purchasing? And are organizations satisfied with the quality that ICT suppliers deliver? These are some of the questions that have been investigated in Supply Value's 'ICT purchasing research 2013'. This research was conducted in both the public and private sectors. This article presents the main findings of the research and five concrete recommendations are presented on how organizations can perform better in the area of ICT procurement.

ICT purchasing objectives

In practice it appears that organizations find it difficult to formulate good SMART objectives and then to measure them structurally. It was investigated what respondents find the most important ICT purchasing objectives. This makes it clear what ICT purchasing is currently focusing on and what is considered important ... Read the full article financial management or download the report here.