The biggest bang for the buck: the most effective way to grow in process succession

What is the most effective way for your organization to grow in process maturity? Which steps are important to grow within the different stages of maturity? Supply Value has investigated this and is happy to help you.

The phase of process maturity in which an organization is located determines which form of process optimization is most effective. Process maturity is the degree of development of the processes that are essential for a successful running operation. In the previous article of Supply Value of November 17, 2017 about 'the biggest bang for the buck', three global possibilities for organizations were identified with which they can optimize processes, namely: continuous improvement within the operation, the distribution of current resources differently, or attracting extra resources. These three global possibilities together overlap all possible options that exist to realize process optimization.


Supply Value carried out a study between September 2017 and January 2018 in collaboration with Tilburg University on the most effective way to realize potential process optimization, depending on a certain phase of process maturity. A maturity model was developed, consisting of six important internal factors and five phases of process maturity. The results and recommendations of this research stem from interviews with managers from the operation - production, packaging, transport - within (in size) different beer breweries in the Netherlands. Think of a varied group of breweries, consisting of a microbrewery, medium-sized breweries, but also large multinationals. The interviews were conducted within the entire spectrum of process maturity phases.


The results of this research demonstrate the most effective way to grow in process maturity. This differs per maturity stage on the basis of a number of factors. Within beer breweries, there are also a number of other interesting factors that are important in all phases of maturity that have to be taken into account. For example, the relevance of the three M's (machines, methods and people) is different in the stages of maturity.

Do you want to know where 'the biggest bang for the buck' is for your organization? Download the entire article below for free, in which the specific steps in an implementation plan are described and all results are explained in more detail. Or contact Sander van der Laan (managing consultant Supply Chain Management) at +316 81 31 85 13.