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Supply Value this year is 10 years! Time to look back on the past 10 years together with Menno van Drunen (founder and director Supply Value) and look forward to the future.

How did Supply Value emerge 10 years ago?

The idea to start Supply Value started in Thailand when I was traveling there with my girlfriend Ilona (now my wife). At that time I worked as an employee and had lots of ideas about how things could be better, smarter and cheaper. This was the moment for me to start with the full-time business and set up Supply Value. I discovered that there was a great demand for purchasing advice services. About 10 years ago, organizations were still involved in purchasing in a different way. The focus was mostly on cost savings. With Supply Value I wanted to change this and wanted to focus on collaboration and creating sustainable value at lower costs and less risk.

Supply Value now exists 10 years. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the team. At Supply Value work driven, motivated people with a passion for the profession. Everyone is willing to take a step extra and continuously exceed the expectations of customers. This year 56% of our customers give us a 9 or higher, which I find a super nice result. In addition, everyone actively participates in the strategy and mission and vision of Supply Value. We also actively encourage this! Together we allow the organization to grow further. Finally, the atmosphere in the team is good. In addition to work, (informal) activities are regularly organized and this ensures a close team.

What is your vision for the future?

I do not know yet what the next 10 years will bring. I do expect that the next blow to automation will also affect our field. We are already responding to this by helping organizations with issues in the field of big data, process mining, artificial intelligence and developments such as blockchain. As a result, in the future we can add more and more value in less time and we have more time left for the human interaction that ultimately makes the difference in our profession.

 What is your goal for the next 10 years?

The goal is to make a positive impact for our customers, employees, financiers and the earth. To be able to make an impact, you need size. Growing and growing is not an end in itself, but it does make impact. We started a growth spurt in 2017 and this growth will continue in the coming years. The impact that we are making is increasing, and I am proud of that. For the coming years I hope to be able to make an even greater impact so that we can later transfer the earth a bit better to the generations after us.

I also find it important that the Supply Value team continues to do what they like and where they are good. Being aware of your own powers and being aware of things that you can not do as well. By putting everyone into their own strength and working together, we can achieve the highest attainable and sustainable result with each other and our customers. Now and in the future.