Supply Value Event

Value increase and cost savings

On May 20, 2021 we organize the Supply Value Event for our customers and relations. During interactive lectures and workshops, you can learn about various cases and best practices that bring more value to your organization at a lower cost. There is an extensive range of lectures for Procurement, Digital and Supply Chain & Operations professionals.  

The theme of the evening is more with less: how to deliver more value at lower costs and risk and with a positive impact for the environment, people and society. Firstly, we start with a welcome word and an interview with an asset strategy manager of one of our customers in logistics services. This is followed by two workshop rounds in which you can choose 2 workshops from the 6 below. Finally, we will talk briefly during a digital drink.


In addition to a plenary part, you can attend two in-depth workshops, in which you can choose from the following workshops:

  1. Market exploration, market consultation and talking to the market
    Scientific research shows that conducting a market consultation leads to more value in (IT) tenders. In practice, however, we see reluctance when it comes to early interaction with the market, which is a shame because this means that the expertise of the market remains untapped. In this workshop we will talk about the different forms of interaction with the market, including market exploration and market consultation, so that you can create more value with your tenders.
  2. Accelerate with purchasing
    The world is changing, the customer is changing and organizations have to change with it. So purchasing must also change. It's that simple. If you don't anticipate the rapidly changing environment, you won't make it. Past solutions will not work for today's and tomorrow's challenges. Because we want to help leaders of (purchasing) organizations move forward, this workshop focuses on three methods that can be used to successfully and quickly anticipate these changing circumstances.
  3. Strategic Decision Making, objectively making complex decisions.
    We often see that customers have difficulty making decisions that have a lot of impact. By applying Strategic Decision Making, you can easily measure very complex decisions and approach them objectively. Strategic Decision Making also helps you to share your decisions within the organization and thus increase support. After participating in the workshop, you can forget about lists of pros and cons forever.


By  Until Part 
18:45 18:50 Walk-in / entry guests
18:50 19:00 welcome word
19:00 19:30 Interview
19:30 19:35 Transition to workshop Round 1
19:35 20:10 Workshop Round 1
20:10 20:15 Guidance to workshop Round 2
20:15 21:00 Workshop Round 2
21:00 22:00 Digital Drinks


From your own workplace, online via Microsoft teams


May 20, 2021



Target audience

Directors, program managers and professionals working in the field of procurement, supply chain, operations or digitization and ICT.