Strategy & governance

Your translate organizational goals into a digital vision and strategy? Set up your information management processes and organization on the basis of best practices with which you can create maximum value for your business? Your IT Organize your organization in such a way that you can reliably deliver value, while still being able to respond to the latest developments? We are happy to help you set up or review your digital strategy, translate it into a concrete action plan and set up the right governance to achieve your objectives. We apply proven models and methods such as COBIT and CMM. 

We are also happy to help you with specific challenges in governance. For example, by realizing and stimulating collaboration in the chain by setting up (Bus)DevOps teams, or by boosting efficiency and flexibility by implementing lean, agile and scrum working. 

The shift to a management organization in which non-company-specific activities are outsourced is also becoming a topical issue for more and more organizations. This change often has a major impact on an organization and its employees.

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