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What is our Supply Value Academy?

Supply Value Academy helps professionals with their personal growth and development by providing various training courses, workshops, master classes and coaching programs focused on knowledge, attitude and behaviour. Our training courses are goal-oriented, interactive, pragmatic and are given by professional trainers with a solid theoretical basis and based on many years of practical experience.

Why choose the Supply Value Academy?

  • Our trainers bring practical experience from current and previous assignments with clients;
  • 70% of our customers rates us with a 9 or 10. On average we score an 8.8 over the last three years;
  • Our trainers are goal-oriented and pragmatic and work interactively with the participants of the training.

Specially selected training courses

Annual plan on 1 A4: OGSM
KPI definiëren
Defining KPIs
Tender in 10 days
Tender in 10 days
Meeting maturity
Effective meeting