Whitepaper – Introduction in Serious Gaming

You're never too old to learn and play. Learning about the strategic direction of your company in a playful way, for example, is a way to involve employees in the organisation, to give them insights and it is also a fun way to connect. A playful way of knowledge transfer and decision making is called 'serious gaming'. A simulation of reality, in which the players play a role in a familiar, safe and challenging environment that they have not yet come into contact with. The simulation has a positive influence on the creation of insights and the learning ability of the player. Gaining insights and knowledge can contribute to improved communication, measures, solutions, collaboration and much more. In the long term, therefore, these benefits also yield results in terms of money, for example.

In this whitepaper we will discuss the analog version of making a serious game. Supply Value uses examples to explain what serious gaming can mean for your organization, team or association!


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