IT Value Contract Management model

Based on our practical experience and the 'performance contract research' of Supply Value, we have developed the IT Value Contract Management Model. This model is based on it Value Contract Management model and specifically made for the management of ICT performance contracts. In scope, the entire life cycle of the contract is from strategy to exit. The model includes the following parts:

1. A RACI matrix;

2. Process flow diagrams;

      1. Strategy
      1. Specify
      1. Selecting
      1. To contract
      1. Implement
      1. Managing
      1. Retransition

3. A process description including actor, input, output, templates, tips and tricks per process step;
4. A set of templates.

Training material is available in addition to the model itself. The model connects to the service management management processes of an ICT company (in accordance with the BISL, ASL and ITIL methodology).

If desired, the model and the accompanying templates can be tailor-made specifically for your organization.

Value contract management


Model 1: Value Contract Management Model

In the report the success and failure factors are presented per phase and practical tips are presented on how performance contracts can be used successfully.

Download here the entire research report.

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