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IT Trends Survey 2019

ICT annual plan

Collaboration with our customer GVB


Tender boards

Performance management

Purchasing trends 2019


Step by step in the right direction: controlled improvement of your purchasing function based on KPIs

Kaizen method

Group Model Building

Job and salary survey information management 2018

Job and salary survey purchasing 2018

In seven steps forward to a successful sustainability of the Supply Chain

The biggest bang for the buck

Chain collaboration leads to success!

Innovation-oriented purchasing: characteristics, success factors and bottlenecks

Purchasing trends 2018


Purchasing trends 2017

Create support for sustainability in the supply chain


Purchasing trends 2016

Purchasing Trends 2016

Strategic cooperation with suppliers

Circular procurement - bottlenecks, success factors and the Circular Procurement 4 Value (CP4V) model

Critical success factors for complex IT and construction projects


Supply Chain Management

Purchasing advice


Chain optimization; Value Chain Management model

Critical success factors for complex IT and construction Projects

3D printing, supply chain management and purchasing

Purchasing trends 2015

External articles referred to purchasing trend research Supply Value and purchasing trend number 1 Chain integration:



Older publications (2004-2012)

Other older publications 

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  • Buying Temporary Work (Menno van Drunen, Lonneke Goei, Richard van der Wouden, 2009)
  • The adoption of eletronic purchasing, summary (Menno van Drunen, 2004)

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