Purchasing evolution in online magazine ESPAZ

Supply Value has published an article in the magazine of ESPAZ, a service provider in the field of Office support. A few times a year they publish an online magazine in which they quote various subjects. The latest edition is focused on Purchasing in 2016 and as an expert in this area, they have sought help with Supply Value for the content. Carmen van Kruisbergen and Erik-Jan Smit, both consultants at Supply Value, have stepped in to help ESPAZ with this implementation.

In the article they have described what the evolution of purchasing looks like. This starts from purchasing on price, expands to purchasing based on total cost of ownership and ends with purchasing focused on value for the customer. The article shows that a broader purchasing perspective that focuses on what the customer considers important will lead to higher continuity and profitability.

Link to article ESPAZ

Are you interested in reading the full article, that is possible here to click.