Project / Program Manager

Optimizing the Supply Chain? Improve your purchasing department? Enter e-procurement? Or buy a large project? We are happy to help you manage your purchasing projects and programs in the area of supply chain integration (including automation) and logistics. Supply Value has the right project manager or program manager for you.

Our approach

Increasing your return by standardizing and optimizing purchasing processes is our specialty. We also have a lot of experience with the implementation of e-procurement systems. We help you not only with finding improvement potential, but also with implementing the solution. Supply Value ensures that your project is executed on time, within budget and according to the pre-determined acceptance criteria.

Supply Value has developed a standard approach which consists of the following steps:

  • Analyze the situation and identify complications;
  • Develop a vision;
  • Design the solution;
  • Implement the solution;
  • Improve continuously.

During these steps we use a number of statistical methods and techniques such as Six Sigma, Lean, standardized interviews, confrontational workshops, simulations and demos. This ensures optimal results. Depending on the assignment and environment, the duration of the above step-by-step plan varies from a few days to a few months.

Our project / program managers

Our project / program managers are certified (including PMW, PRINCE2 and / or IPMA) and bring experience, skills, tools and templates to your project successfully to an end. The projects we were responsible for range from 50,000 euros to more than 50 million euros and from 1 to more than 100 employees.

Benefits of using the interim project / program manager

Using an interim project / program manager can benefit your organization. Below is a brief overview of the key benefits of Supply Value's interim project / program manager.

  • Access to external knowledge

    and external network and insights

  • Unburdening

    by outsourcing tasks and activities

  • Decision about well-trained candidates

  • Independent advice

    that has not been influenced by internal forces

  • Increasing support

    when making radical decisions

  • Possibility to share risks

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