Purchasing trends 2018: Report available

For the sixth year in a row, Supply Value investigated the most important trends and priorities within the purchasing discipline. The results of the trend research can help purchasing professionals to set priorities and determine focus areas for the coming year.

Just like in previous years, an online survey has been drawn up to analyze the trends. This online survey was distributed internationally in collaboration with NEVI, IFPSM and VIB. A total of 241 procurement professionals from more than 10 countries participated in our trend research.

In the online survey we asked the respondents to score 27 issues related to purchasing on the basis of a five-point scale, where 1 has very little priority and 5 is very much a priority. The results show that purchasing professionals currently give most priority to:

1. Optimizing purchasing processes

2. Total Cost of Ownership

3. Supplier management

With each purchasing trend we have formulated concrete recommendations in the report. Are you curious about all the results of the research? Do you want to get started with a number of purchasing topics in 2018, but do not know how?

Then download the full report below free of charge. 

The results of the research are also published in Deal! and F-facts. Click here to download the articles.