Vincent Abbenhuis

About me



Bachelor of Business Administration and Hotel School extended with the postgraduate course in procurement law at the VU University of Amsterdam and various education and courses (including NEVI 1, PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Practitioner and Professional Scrum Master).

Hobbies and interests
Besides my work I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, friends, and family. I (often) like to cook and watch soccer (I played a lot of soccer in the past). I also recently started playing padel. A combination of squash and tennis. Every now and then I'm up for a (board) game. You should think of catan, chess (provided with a worthy opponent) or the smaller games such as clever, time after time or qwixx.

Why Supply Value?
The flat and young organization, as well as the many opportunities in personal development but also the flexibility in the assignments. As an employee you are also closely involved in the strategy and further growth of the company, which I find very valuable.

Currently I have been working for Supply Value for almost three years, where I have mainly held various recruitment positions. I started as a staffing recruiter where I was responsible for placing independent professionals and consultants on assignments. Subsequently, I was involved in professionalising the recruitment department. After this I started working as a corporate and campus recruiter and I have seen the company grow considerably in staff size. In my last role in recruitment I took the step towards managing the recruiters at Supply Value.

"I think it is great to see that so many opportunities can be created within Supply Value"

Since the beginning of June I have switched to procurement, where I will work as a consultant. I think it is great to see that so many opportunities can be created within Supply Value. I therefore expect to work here with great pleasure in the coming years.

More information

Vincent Abbenhuis has extensive experience in the field of procurement, project and change management. Vincent is goal- and customer-oriented and is able to transfer knowledge to others. In addition, his flexible attitude enables him to switch quickly, even when workload increases.

Personal specialties

✓ Execute (European) tenders (via modern tendering methods) ✓ Guiding (European) tenders using our ‘tender in 10 days’ method. Vincent is available as a buyer, procurement advisor and ‘tender in 10 days’ guide.✓ Begeleiden van (Europese) aanbestedingen middels de ‘aanbesteden in 10 dagen methodiek’.

Vincent is inzetbaar als inkoper, inkoopadviseur en procesbegeleider ‘aanbesteden in 10 dagen’.

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