Sander van der Laan

About me

Sander van der Laan, Supply Value

managing director

Business administration, HES

Hobbies and interests
Football, entrepreneurship and cycling

Why Supply Value?
Because all collegues have an enormous drive and are also very smart. It is nice to work in such a challenging and entrepreneurial environment.

Sander has been working in services / consultancy for over ten years. He has helped more than 30 companies with strategy (execution), process improvement and the management of major changes.

Sander is a driven and entrepreneurial manager. He easily makes connections between information and events. He reads an organization quickly and sees where focus needs to be applied. He switches smoothly between different levels. He likes to initiate and easily gets people support through his enthusiasm. Sander is innovative in his approach and ideas and quickly sees possibilities. Sander has excellent analytical skills and is strong at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

"Everyone speaks to each other from trainee to director."

Why working at Supply Value?

For me, the pleasant atmosphere immediately stood out and the belief that everyone, regardless of age, is given the space to contribute to the organization. Everyone speaks to each other from trainee to director to eventually make a more fun, better and more customer-oriented organization. At Supply Value you get plenty of opportunities to be entrepreneurial, to continue to develop and, for example, to lead.

Earlier projects


During my time at Supply Value and before that I was able to carry out many different assignments, with many different clients. For example, I gave strategic advice on future business models at a Field force party, I was Category manager at a government organization and I was able to guide major IT changes within a telecom party and introduced a new way of working. During the year I work with various clients on various topics from strategy to operation and in different industries, both public and private. I sometimes work by myself but also often with a team of one or more consultants. The most important within a project is a good alignment about expectations and managing both the Supply Value team and stakeholders at the customer.

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