Robin Boots

About me


BSc International Business Administration, MSc Supply Chain Management, and MSc Data Science Business and Governance

Hobbies and interests
Football, travel, skiing, tennis and coffee lover.

Why Supply Value?
Supply Value offers me the opportunity to further develop my soft skills and to gain practical experience in various fields with a focus on delivering sustainable added value.

After a successful internship, I have been working as a consultant at Supply Value at Team Digital since August 2021. After gaining enough knowledge in school in both supply chain and data area, I am now super excited to put this into practice. An ambitious organization with inquisitive experts in the ranks is a perfect employer. Supply chains are undeniably increasingly connected to digital transformations. These transformations lead to increasing complexity, but can also result in simplicity and new insights. I therefore like to advise organizations about digital transformations and the acquisition of associated insights. I do this together with my team and all other experts within Supply Value: teams allow individuals to excel!

“I like to advise organizations about digital transformations and the acquisition of associated insights.”

In addition to the content, it is certainly the people who make me so enthusiastic to work at this great organization. A fresh, driven and insightful group of professionals who all master their own diverse interests within the field down to the last detail and synthesize them into the larger whole of Supply Value. Working together is of paramount importance to everyone and this illustrates the helpfulness that prevails among colleagues. Innovative solutions, both personal and team development are encouraged to help our customers in the best possible way. An exceptionally suitable place to develop my interest in digital transformations.

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