Renée van Poppel, Supply Value

Renée van Poppel is both a consultant and a trainer. Renée is positively critical, analytical and sensitive with broad practical experience in various large (government) organizations and a strong academic base. Helping professionals to achieve their organizational and personal goals is at the heart of her specialties.

Renée has fulfilled various roles at large (semi-) government organizations as a (strategic and tactical) advisor, project manager and process consultant. She has specialized in setting up enterprise portfolio management and as a business consultant focused on change management in IT organizations. In doing so, she ensures that there is sufficient flexibility to work agile, but at the same time securing that the organization is steady enough to realize the strategy. By guiding stakeholders in drawing up their goals, she ensures that the organization has common goals and puts its weight behind them together.

She has experience in coaching and developing MTs and employees, and now supports the theoretical knowledge through various training courses. Her trainings makes them interactive and applicable in every work environment. After all, the training itself is only the beginning, the real value comes from applying and sharing the acquired knowledge!

Renée provides the following training courses for the Supply Value Academy: