Renée van Poppel

About me

Supply Value, Renée van Poppel

Senior consultant

Master Strategic Management

Hobbies and interests
Crossfit (practicing and judging), traveling and watching ice hockey

Why Supply Value?
There is a very open, passionate and positive atmosphere with plenty of room for own initiatives, new ideas and open discussions. It's great to work with smart, enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues who always help each other to grow and take on challenges.

In my work I always rely on a positive critical attitude combined with the drive to achieve the best possible results. I do this by preferably by ensuring that all stakeholders have the same goal in mind and work towards this goal together. The greatest challenge is to maintain sufficient flexibility and to think carefully about that have to be taken.

Since I have been working at Supply Value, I have always been able to apply this drive and working method in different work areas. I have been able to do very nice projects at large (semi)government organisations as e.g. advisor and secretary (ICT – National Police Department), project manager (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport), process consultant (NS International), and project leader (NS Travellers). I am extremely proud of the results I have been able to achieve during these projects, and the sustainable impact that I have made within these organizations.

In addition to carrying out projects at clients, I have always focused on developing, securing, using and sharing knowledge. I even have been appointed as knowledge manager in our organization. In this role I am able to share a lot of knowledge by giving trainings and workshops at companies and universities.

“In addition to carrying out assignments for clients, I have always focused on developing, securing, using and sharing knowledge, and I was even appointed internally as a knowledge manager.”

In addition to the internal responsibility as a knowledge manager, I also lead trainees in the Business Unit Information Management. I have also increased my knowledge on information management and I(C)T. In particular, I am interested in the impact of major changes in IT on the (IT) organization (structure) and (IT) its processes.

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