Nicole de Vogel

About me

Nicole de Vogel, Supply Value

Office manager

office management

Hobbies and interests
Bridge, tennis, motorcycling and travel

Why Supply Value?
Working with a young team and the pleasant atmosphere!

In August 2017 I started as an Office Manager at Supply Value. After many years of experience as an Office Manager, executive secretary and paralegal, I started at a very young and dynamic company with enormous growth potential. This was a great challenge for me to (re) structure many internal processes as quickly as possible. Especially working as efficiently and effectively as possible is something where my strength lies.

"Taking care of things, solving problems and unburdening my colleagues is something I get the most satisfaction from so that they can focus on what they excel at."

I chose Supply Value because I sees it as a challenge to work at a young and dynamic company where there is a need for more structure. Precisely because this function was not previously filled in, I can set up and implement everything in my own way. Of course with the ultimate goal to unburden my colleagues as much as possible so that they can focus on what they excel in.

Since last year I have been part of the Services team. Together we ensure that we can each in our own way assist our colleagues in solving all kinds of problems.

I think it is great to work in such a passionate and pleasant club. You are all working with the same goal to make Supply Value a great success.

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