Menno van Drunen - Trainer

Entrepreneur, change, crisis and program manager with passion for development of people, collaboration, new technology and (data driven) performance improvements, general management, digital transformation, innovation, purchasing, ICT purchasing and is chairman of the day, sparring partner of the Executive Board and directors

Menno has 19 years of experience in the area of change and program management, sourcing, ICT and business architecture. He builds bridges between parties in the chain, between strategy and operation and between management and content. Combines thinking and acting with the creation of urgency and a support base. Clear vision, directional, goal-oriented, converts ideas into action and stimulates employees to achieve maximum results as a team and individual.

Personal specialties:

  • Change, crisis and program management;
  • Lead performance improvement programs: from vision to result;
  • Strategy, business models, economic analyzes and business cases.

Menno provides various trainings for the Supply Value Academy.