Marleen Hoogendijk

About me

Marleen Hoogendijk, Supply Value


BSc Public Administration & Organisational Science (Utrecht)
MSc Organisations, Change & Management (Utrecht)

Hobbies and interests
Playing field hockey, hiking, klaverjassen (Dutch Jass card game), exploring craft beers

Why Supply Value?
Because of the substantive focus on a combination of strategy, operations and change management, the concern for personal development and impact on client, personnel and environment.

I have been working as a Consultant Supply Chain & Operations for a few months now. After I finished my master’s Organisations, Change & Management, I was looking for a relatively small and young organization in which I could embed and offer my passion for change management and (social) entrepreneurship.

Supply Value attracts me due to the fact that it is an organization that heads for impact on humanity and society. I see this in the focus they have got on personal development of their own employees and the development the company itself goes through. It makes me feel comfortable being part of an organization that has impact on clients, employees and the environment.

"The attractiveness of Supply Value comes for me with the fact that it is an organization that heads for impact on humanity and society"

I value developing myself personally and professionally. Therefore, I am keen to do this where- and whenever I see the possibility to do this. Besides work, you can find me on the hockey field regularly and perfervid hiker. Furthermore I like to play Jass (klaverjas) with friends once in a while.

In the meantime I have started as project secretary at the Dutch Tax Authority, where I get opportunities to quickly develop myself and absorb the first serious experiences as a junior consultant. There is no question that I’m making impact within this project!

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