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Maartje Stapel, Supply Value


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Hobbies and interests
Travel, games, sports

Why Supply Value?
Ambitious, enterprising, freedom, great colleagues

At the beginning of 2018 I started as a Consultant at Supply Value. At the time, I already had two years of work experience, but I was looking for more depth, a nice team and a lot of challenge. At Supply Value I found what I was looking for. The assignments I have done so far fit well with my education and interests. I got to know various organizations such as the GVB and the Municipality of Zwolle. I have learned a lot of my assignments at customers and from the internal responsibilities I have at Supply Value. This is also one of the things I love about Supply Value. On Friday we all come back to the office and we further build Supply Value. I really enjoy this combination, it allows you to develop very broadly, also at an entrepreneurial level. You are “thrown in the deep end” for many things, which is sometimes exciting, but under the motto: let's just do it and see what goes wrong. This is really educational and helpful for my personal development.

"On Friday, we all come back to the office and build Supply Value. I really like this combination, it allows you to develop yourself in a very broad way, also on an entrepreneurial level".

Besides Supply Value, I love to travel. I therefore like to take the opportunity to buy extra vacation days. When game elements are involved, I become passionate about it, winning is definitely more important than participating. There is also sport on my aagenda at least twice a week, especially cycling, pilates and spinning. Finally, I really like to go on winter sports, the ideal combination of sports and vacation. Last year we also went skiing with Supply Value, 4 intense but mega fun days.

Earlier projects

For a public transport company I helped to set up a partnership with a large municipality. I had a supporting role in which I gave the management structure, facilitated workshops and prepared decision-making. In addition, I also contributed to the improvement of the organization-wide chain cooperation, which means that we implemented improvements in a team to counteract cancellations of the metro and tram. You notice that by applying structure and clarity you can already achieve a lot in complex environments. I thought this period was really cool and I learned a lot.

At a municipality I worked for the regional Work Company where 14 municipalities had a collaboration to realize an inclusive labour market. Within the team I helped to draw up objectives and linked an action plan and plan meetings on a regular basis to achieve results. In addition, I have also been able to give workshops and trainings to get the team members on the same path, which was a lot of fun to do.

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