Luuk Spanjaards

About me


Bachelor of Business Administration; Master Organizational Design & Development (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Hobbies and interests
Hiking, cycling, music

Why Supply Value?
Because of the open culture, possibilities for personal growth, and the ambition to really make impact on society

I started as a consultant at Supply Value in November 2019. I had just finished my Masters and was looking for a job that allowed me to learn as much as possible as fast as possible, and at the same time make a real positive impact. The traineeship at Supply Value was a perfect match, thanks to the intensive guidance and different trainings combined with challenging assignments for our clients. This combined with the open culture in which everybody wants to help each other allowed me to grow from a college graduate to a professional consultant incredibly fast. I had just completed my Masters at the time and was looking for a job where I could learn a lot in a short time and make an impact at the same time. It traineeship at Supply Value this was a perfect implementation thanks to the intensive supervision and various training courses combined with challenging assignments for our customers. This, together with the open culture in which everyone wants to help each other, has ensured that me in a very short time ben grown from a recent graduate to a professional consultant who can really make an impact. 

At work, I get the most energy from helping people and organisations to collaborate smarter. I believe that every societal challenge can be solved by finding a common goal and working towards that goal in collaboration. Focussing on the end customer and understanding their challenges is crucial to be able to deliver as much value as possible through innovative solutions. My previous assignments at ProRail, NS, and VIPP InZicht show that I practice what I preach: in all these assignments multiple organisations collaborated towards a mutual goal: providing a better service to the end customer. 

Besides working at Supply Value, I like to spend my free time with music. I’m not quite good at making it, but I can spend hours searching through dusty boxes with old records, trying to find that one gem. In addition, I like to spend time outdoors by hiking or cycling, preferably around mountains, water, or forests. 

I believe that every societal challenge can be solved by finding a common goal and working towards that goal in collaboration.

Earlier projects

Project leader ProRail Leercyclus ETMET RoSA Praktijkproef

Starting April 2021 I was able to expand my role at the ETMET RoSA program. Besides the supporting tasks for the program management, finding a method to assess the effectiveness of the measures implemented in the program, and collecting and bundling all lessons learned, I’ve received more responsibility. The new timetable with 6 instead of 4 Intercity trains between Rotterdam, Schiphol and Arnhem will be tested before the definitive introduction. During these so-called “Test-days” we monitor all kinds of quantitative and qualitative indicators to fulfil all the learning objectives of the different organisational units. This allows us to know beforehand if there are any ‘unknown unknowns’ that could have an impact on performances, and that require extra measures to be taken. 

My role in this is designing and realising the learning cycle of the test days: the process we follow to analyse, evaluate and improve the timetable’s performance. This starts with collecting the learning objectives of each organisational unit, both at NS and ProRail. Subsequently, I make sure that each organisational unit has implemented a mechanism to fulfil their learning objective: which indicators are linked to your objective, how are you going to measure that indicator, and how will we draw conclusions? This way, we ensure that at the definitive start of the high-frequency timetable all teething problems are solved, and performance is at the desired state from the very beginning. 

PMO InZicht Noord-Holland Noord

In the period between December 2020 and April 2021 I worked with some of my colleagues on the VIPP-program in the region Noord-Holland Noord (North-Holland North). The goal of this program is to realise the digital exchange of patient files between 8 participating healthcare institutions in the region North-Holland North. This required adaptations to the entire IT-landscape of those healthcare institutions, with a large impact on the working processes of the healthcare professionals. Because of this, the healthcare institutions could apply for a subsidy at the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare, Well-being and Sport. 

My role here mainly consisted of designing the entire program planning for the upcoming two years as well as the budgets of all 8 participants, facilitating the collaboration between those 8 participants, and obtaining the documents and other kinds of information required for applying for the subsidy. This resulted in our region being one of the firsts in the Netherlands that was awarded the subsidy and launched the program.  

PMO ProRail

Starting in August 2020, I fulfil the role of PMO at ProRail, again within the ETMET RoSA program, a collaboration with NS. This program focuses on realising a set of measures to the railway infrastructure, trains, and working processes in the daily operation to enable the increase from 4 to 6 Intercity trains per hour between Rotterdam, Schiphol and Arnhem without sacrificing performance. 

Besides the tasks I already had in my previous role, I’m currently also responsible for finding a way to assess the effectiveness of each measure. Because of the complex structure and the coherence of a lot of different (K)PI’s, it was a challenge to be able to assess the impact of each measure on the program’s objective. With help from operational experts we managed to design a dashboard which provides the program management of the required information. In addition, I’m responsible for collecting all the lessons learned in the past year and the previous ETMET program, and bundling these lessons learned with useful tips, templates and tools for the next ETMET program manager.  


From February 2020 until July 2020 I worked as a PMO at NS. I worked in a program which was a collaboration between ProRail and NS, aimed at increasing the capacity of the Dutch railway system. An example of this is the ETMET RoSA program, a high-frequency train service between Rotterdam, Schiphol and Arnhem (in English the program would be called ETMAT: Every Ten Minutes A Train). To enable this increase from 4 to 6 Intercity trains per hour without sacrificing performance, this program is aimed numerous measures to and around infrastructure, materials, people and processes in the daily operation. 

My role was mainly characterized by supporting the entire team. I helped with the preparation of presentations, planned meetings and kept track of action lists. Besides that, I also functioned as the binding factor between the different departments involved: I made sure that they could collaborate optimally, and that important subjects won’t be lost sight of. 


In January 2020 me and a colleague from Supply Value accelerated the preparation of a tender at UWV by means of a project with the appropriate name “Tender in 10 days”. 

The objective of this project was to finish the preparation of a tender in 10 working days. This means that there are a lot of choices to be made, substantiated and written down about the purchasing strategy, demands, wishes, price and quality. Because this is a very complicated process in which a lot of decisions have to be made by a lot of different persons, this normally takes about 6 to 9 months. By doing a number of things completely different, we managed to decrease that time to 10 days. 

My role in this project mainly included preparing team sessions, keeping track of action lists, thinking along with decision making, and lastly communicating our progress to the rest of the organisation. This resulted in the sessions running very smoothly and the team members enthusiastically collaborating on this project. 

My expertise

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