Luuk Spanjaards

About me

Luuk Spanjaards, Supply Value


Bachelor of Business Administration; Master Organizational Design & Development (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Hobbies and interests
Hiking, cycling, music

Why Supply Value?
The open culture, ambition and growth opportunities

In the summer of 2019 I completed my MSc. Organizational Design & Development at Radboud University Nijmegen. I have always been very interested in improving structures and processes in organizations, and managing the changes that are necessary for this. A career in consultancy was therefore a logical continuation of my Master's degree. The traineeship at Supply Value offers me the opportunity to further develop this interest into expertise, and also to apply the knowledge I gain directly into practice through various challenging assignments.

"The traineeship at Supply Value offers me the opportunity to further develop this interest into expertise, and also to apply the knowledge I gain directly into practice through various challenging assignments."

There is an open culture at Supply Value where everyone wants to help each other to achieve the sky-high ambitions, so that both the employees and the organization itself never stop in their development. It is this specific culture that has ensured that I was sure that Supply Value was the right choice for me, and I am very happy to be able to contribute to this culture myself. That is why I am really looking forward to all the training courses, assignments and projects that help me to further develop myself, Supply Value and our customers.

Naast het werken bij Supply Value houd ik me in mijn vrije tijd graag bezig met muziek. Het maken ervan gaat me nog niet zo goed af, maar ik kan uren door stoffige bakken met oude LP’s bladeren op zoek naar dat ene pareltje. Daarnaast ben ik graag buiten aan het wandelen of fietsen, het liefst tussen de bergen, langs het water of in de bossen.

Earlier projects

In January I was involved in a very ambitious project within a large public organization, called “Tender in 10 days”.

The aim of this project was to complete the preparation of a tender in 10 working days. This means that all kinds of documents have to be drawn up, including product requirements and wishes documents. This is a very complicated process, and a lot of decisions have to be made where many different people have to give their consent. Therefore this normally takes about 9 months. By doing a number of things completely different from the regular procedure, we have been able to shorten this process to 10 days.

My role in this project was primarily preparing team sessions, making action lists, contributing to decision-making and also communicating our progress to the rest of the organization. As a result, the sessions went very smoothly and the team members worked on this project with great enthusiasm.

Currently I am active as a project assistent at a public transport company, where I work on all kinds of support activities for the program manager. I am involved in two major programs: the 2022 timetable and the 2023 timetable. Two major changes are planned for both timetables. Because the tracks become more occupied, more and more dependencies arise and the leeway is becoming smaller. For example, the infrastructure must be adapted, personnel must be prepared, and there must be a robust planning so that the right train is at the right place at the right time. We are already very busy with the future implementation of this timetable so when it is introducted, this is with a minimum chance of disruptions and downtime.

My role in this is characterized by supporting the entire team. For example, I help prepare presentations, schedule meetings and make action lists. In addition, I am also the linking pin between the various departments involved: I ensure that they can work together, and that important points do not fall between the cracks.

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