Jurriaan Vogel

About me

Senior Consultant

MSc Supply Chain Management and MSc Information Management

Hobbies and interests
Likes to run, car fanatic, photographer and lover of politics.

Why Supply Value?
The entrepreneurship, the drive, the room for personal development and the pleasure in work!

After graduating, I found the ideal employer in Supply Value. At Supply Value, I was given the space to develop myself during the traineeship, while at the same time freedom and responsibility in the work are typical of the corporate culture. For example, right from the start of my traineeship, I was given the opportunity to convert my study knowledge about information management and blockchain technology into products and services. Soon I gave workshops as an expert and together with the customer I discovered whether blockchain can fungate as a solution to organizational problems.

In the meantime, I started working for the Environment Service West-Holland on an implementation project of a new software system. There I take on a lot of project work and I make sure that the information needs of the organization and the technical possibilities are in line with each other. In this project my study background comes in handy to bridge the gap between the organization and IT. This is also a project in which I can further develop myself in seeking support, both from my direct stakeholders and from the organization.

"Right from the start of my traineeship, I was given the space to convert my study knowledge of information management and blockchain technology into products and services".

Working at Supply Value gives my personal development an enormous boost. On the one hand Supply Value has many cool assignments with interesting clients, which enables me to work in different environments with different subjects. On the other hand, I am also continuously challenged and coached by my colleagues which helps me that to develop my professional skills strongly in a short time. For example, I learned how to formulate a strong business case on blockchain projects and I am coached to become an expert in Power BI.

Earlier projects


As a Project Management Officer I work on various projects for an Environmental Service in which various facets of information management come back, including software implementation and information security. In these projects I take care of project management, for example by organizing meetings and setting up actions. I determine priorities together with clients and translate these into concrete actions. I also maintain contact with all stakeholders, which can be challenging. A software supplier has different interests than a key user. Because of my role as linchpin, I overview the project and I advise the project leader and other managers on various issues. Finally, I am investigating possibilities to apply developments such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to the environmental service, for example to make the organization work more efficiently.

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