Gert van Beek - Trainer

Hands-on manager with a natural drive to make people, teams and companies perform better. The joint and personal pushing of boundaries is a starting point here. As long as you have not tried it, everything is possible. With his own experiences, Gert takes people to reach the highest possible level.

More than 30 years of experience in purchasing and supply chain management gained in both the private and public sector. Gert has acquired this experience at multinationals such as RELX (the former Reed Elsevier), Philips and AT & T. In addition, Gert has also been successful at small organizations and as a consultant at the NIC. Gert enjoys sharing his experiences with others. Working together, his adage is stronger!

In addition to his experience as a manager, Gert has guided and coached people in recent years. Gert gets a lot of energy from making the people with whom he works more succesful. That is where his strength and passion lie.

He provides the following training courses for the Supply Value Academy: