Geerten Peek

About me

Geerten Peek, Supply Value

Managing Consultant

Master Mathematics (Statistics & Operational Research) and Partner in ICT enabled business development (Sioo)

Hobbies and interests
Passion for music (arranging, string conductor), outdoor activities and a true wine lover.

Why Supply Value?
An ambitious and smart team, focused on collaboration. Open corporate culture. Continuously working on the latest developments in the market.

I started at Supply Value January 1st 2019. I made a conscious choice for a small management consultancy club with young, ambitious people who want to make a difference for its customers. The drive of Supply Value and the colleagues fits very well with my motivation to help people and organizations to get the best out of themselves. I am happy to help my clients to successfully go through a (digital) transformation. In these projects creating support for the change from management level to operational level has my full attention.  A successful transformation is mainly about doing: experimenting, quickly deciding what works and what does not and thus become agile as an organization.

"The drive of Supply Value and the colleagues fit well with my drive to help people and organizations to get the best out of themselves".

At Supply Value I get the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with colleagues and with our customers. In addition, I am responsible for our proposition data-driven improvement, which I developed together with colleagues. In addition to my role as advisor, interim, change, project, process or program manager at our clients, I also assist 3 trainees in their learning process and in their customer assignments. Creativity is appreciated, good ideas are recognized, so you get plenty of opportunities to further develop those ideas. It is an environment where I put a lot of energy in but I certainly receive so much energy back from it!

Earlier projects


A public sector customer wants a renewed register for interpreters and translators (Rbtv) in which the quality and quantity of interpreters and translators is guaranteed. In my role I manage the project for the initiation and definition phase of a renewed Rbtv. I give direction to all activities in order to get a design and a backlog with functionalities of the new register and a budget for the realization of a minimum viable product and the complete product. Furthermore, I guide product owners in their role, I manage stakeholders at the customer, at the Justice Department and at various suppliers. Result: PID delivered and transferred to the project leader for realization.

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