Else Edwards

About me

Else Edwards, Supply Value


Bachelor Biology
MSc Biology, specialisation: Science, Management & Innovation

Hobbies and interests
Travelling, reading, walks in nature, horseback riding & having drinks with friends

Why Supply Value?
The enthousiastic and ambitious team which is also a lot of fun to work with. Working on the development of our organistation together.

Since April 2021 I’ve been working for Supply Value as junior consultant specialized in procurement. My drive to make a positive impact on our living environment made me decide to focus on the specialisation ‘Science, Management & Innovation’ while I was studying for my Master’s degree in Biology. With my final thesis I encountered Sustainable Public Procurement and with Supply Value I can continue to develop myself in this subject. Science, Management & Innovation. Through my graduation thesis I came into contact with (Socially Responsible) Procurement and with the traineeship of Supply Value I can delve further into this.

“I am very curious what challenges will come my way at Supply Value.”

At Supply Value everyone actively works towards the development of our organisation and whenever you have a good idea, you will get the space to explore its possibilities. This show how much confidence Supply Value has in its co-workers and I enjoy the number of responsibilities I have. Furthermore, we have space to find out which subjects and sectors we enjoy most, and we keep developing ourselves with the courses the traineeship offers. I am excited to see which exciting challenges I will work on together with Supply Value

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