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BSc. Business and Consumer Sciences, MSc. Business Administration - Strategy & Organization

Hobbies and interests
Traveling, skiing and snowboarding and reading

Why Supply Value?
The personal approach and the growth opportunities within the organization

After graduating from the Master Business Administration, with a focus on Strategy & Organization, I joined Supply Value in September 2019. What immediately struck me within Supply Value is the positive atmosphere and the personal attention that everyone has for each other. You are immediately involved in what is going on in the organization and you gain confidence from your colleagues and managers. Within Supply Value you achieve everything together instead of alone which I like a lot!

"Optimizing business processes and the art of change management are things I was very enthusiastic about during my studies."

Optimizing business processes and the art of change management are things I was very enthusiastic about during my studies. At Supply Value I get the opportunity to delve into this and to specialize in these areas. Within the traineeship you get a lot of freedom to discover where your strengths and interests lie. There is also a lot of room to develop in this direction, for example by following training courses or consulting with colleagues. Because you also immediately get a lot of responsibility, for example with your project, you can learn a lot in a short time. I am really looking forward to the upcoming projects and the development of Supply Value!

Earlier projects


At a public transport company I fulfill a double role: I am Secretary MT and Project Management Support. In my role as Secretary MT and Project Management Support I come into contact with people in various positions, from executives to MT. This gives me a lot of insight into how processes within the organization run and how decision-making is established. In the position of MT Secretary of the management organization, I help prepare the MT meeting on the one hand by preparing the agenda and sending documents. I take minutes during the meetings. In the role of Project Management Supporter I help the Project Manager Process Implementation with various matters. For example, we prepare workshops together, we discuss and optimize processes with process managers and we look at how the implementation of a software program can better align the processes. We are also developing a Game to give employees insight into current processes.

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