Afien Ploeg

About me

Afien Ploeg, Supply Value


BSc Industrial Engineering, MSc Industrial Engineering & Management

Hobbies and interests
Hockey, traveling, snowboarding, reading and all types of music

Why Supply Value?
Supply Value has a young ambitious team with the mission to improve the world in a sustainable way. I am happy to help with this.

I have been working as a consultant in the Digital business unit since October 2021. Prior to that, I did my graduation research at Supply Value. I have improved the blueprint of a hospital for multiple appointment and patient types by means of an ILP model. During this entire period I was given a lot of responsibility and as an employee within Supply Value I was allowed to contribute to other internal projects. During this period I felt more like an employee than an intern. Something I have experienced as very nice.

“I enjoy learning new things, figuring out a process and giving advice about it.”

Supply Value is characterized as a company where you can learn a lot in a short time, because they give you the space to do so. Furthermore, Supply Value is committed to sustainability, people and society; three points that I think are very important to take into account.

I enjoy learning new things, figuring out a process and giving advice about it. During my study Industrial Engineering and Management I learned to create a helicopter view, but also to get to the core of a problem. I look forward to applying this to beautiful jobs and to further develop myself on both a personal and consultancy level.

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