Press release: Supply Value selected as partner for providing ICT advice to the tax authorities

Zeist, October 11, 2021 – Supply Value is, by the tax authorities, together with a consortium of companies led by Flex Value, chosen as preferred supplier of IT professionals. 

Supply Value will provide advice and implementation power for the next 4 years in the field of planning, enabling and steering the information provision of the Tax and Customs Administration. Think of roles in architecture, information policy, innovation management, business and data analysis, information security, product ownership, scrum masters, program and project managers, IT control and quality management.  

Other parties in the consortium fulfill (technology) specific roles in areas such as cloud computing, system management, software development and testing. 

Menno van Drunen, Managing Partner “I am proud that in the coming years we will be able to contribute to the digitization objectives of the Tax and Customs Administration based on our expertise and thus make an impact on simplifying and innovating the services of the Tax and Customs Administration to citizens, companies and chain partners”. 

About Supply Value

Supply Value is a specialist in the field of network optimization. Commercial, operational and digital. We deliver independentlyindependent advice, implementation power and training and translating strategy into concrete results.  

We believe that results that are unattainable for one individual are surpassed when you work together. Each from its own strength, with a focus on a common goal and minimal transaction costs. We make strategy work. 

Supply Value is specialized in the fields of procurement, supply chain, operations and digital and is active in the Netherlands and Germany within government, healthcare and various private sectors.  

Klanten beoordelen Supply Value gemiddeld met een 8,8 (2016-2020). Supply Value is ISO27001, ISO9001 en B Corp gecertificeerd, onderdeel van de Financial Times 1000 en winnaar van een FD Gazelle Award voor snelst groeiende bedrijven: 2018, 2019 én 2020! Tevens zijn wij uitgeroepen tot beste adviesbureau voor zowel procurement als supply chain management door!

More information and questions about Supply Value:
For more information, please contact Menno van Drunen via or 06 – 24 51 62 44.

Below is the full press release. 

Utrecht – Recently FlexValue has achieved a special performance together with its regular partners. FlexValue has been selected as supplier for flexible IT hiring by the Tax Authorities. The transition period will start in October 2021, after which the framework agreement will successively enter into force on 1 January 2022. The total estimated value of the contract is 780 million euros with a duration of 4 years.  

The sustainable and exclusive partnership to which this tender has been awarded is composed of a number of companies: Flex Value, Supply Value, LindenIT, Salves, Prodicom, Lemonshark, Fullstaq, CodeBeez, Codezilla, DataWorkz, Dutchworkz, JPoint, Epic Agility, DeUXers, groundworkz, Skyworkz and Educom/Detacom. Each company in this partnership is a specialist in a specific area. Together they comprise all the expertise that the tax authorities need. All parties monitor trends in their area of expertise and, where interesting, include these in their services, so that they can adapt to the new and dynamic world. In addition, they know the market in which they operate like no other. The consortium responds to continuity, but certainly also to continuous improvement, simplification and innovation. Together they provide the Tax and Customs Administration in all its roles in a smart way. The partnership breathes with the needs of the customer, the availability of technology and inspires. 

tax authorities
Its mission is a financially healthy Netherlands by levying and collecting taxes fairly and carefully, paying benefits and contributing to a financially healthy, competitive and safe European Union. The Tax and Customs Administration IV (the ICT organization at the Tax and Customs Administration) optimally supports the Tax and Customs Administration in performing the above task by providing IT functionalities in the execution of (all) processes. It strives for an adaptive and agile organization for its employees, citizens and companies with sustainable deployable professional employees. To ensure continuity and to be a predictable and transparent organization. 

Pride and appreciation
Nienke Schuttelaar, Director at FlexValue: “We are extremely proud that we from FlexValue, together with the consortium, can support this sustainable collaboration with the Tax Authorities in achieving the mission.” 

The consortium partners also speak of pride and appreciation.  

Menno van Drunen, Managing Partner at Supply Value: “This consortium gives us the opportunity to focus on what we are really good at: providing independent advice and implementation power in the field of digitization while other parties fill specific roles in the technology” 

Gerbert Jan Valk, Director at Linden-IT: “For the second time in a row, we win the tender with the tax authorities in the form of a consortium. This will enable us to provide the tax authorities with the best IT professionals in every area for the next 4 years.” 

More information and questions about the consortium:
FlexValue, Nienke Schuttelaar, 0627123357 /