Insight Pack

Every month a weekly in-depth look at one of our specialisms.

3. Annual plans

This month we will take you through a number of articles that discuss how to apply focus through annual plans, so that you achieve more results. Every week we post a new article in which we share our experience from a different perspective 


  • Creating an agile organization with an Agile (annual) plan

    We have already arrived at the last topic of this month: Creating an agile organization with an Agile (annual) plan. We explain, among other things, how short cycle an annual plan is being worked on by means of quarterly rocks.

  • Working on team goals in an agile way

    We have already had two topics. This week: Working on team goals in an agile way. On the basis of a case, we describe how we apply this using Direction, Space and Regularity.

  • In 5 steps to a clear annual plan on 1A4

    Last week you could already read about Goals & KPIs. This week we show you how to in 5 steps a clear annual plan on 1A4 drafts.

  • Goals & KPIs

    This week: Goals & KPIs Achieving results starts with drawing up a solid plan for the long term. You translate your raison d'être and your vision into strategic plans. Make sure that everyone in your organization knows and lives the strategy, so that personal actions are in line with the organizational strategy. 

2. Management Information

This month we take you through a number of articles on the topic: Management information, we will take a closer look at why management information is important and how good dashboards can be built through storytelling.


  • Create whitepaper on dashboards

    Last week we took you through the importance of good management information. This week's topic: More effective dashboards through storytelling. It has been found that the effectiveness of dashboards is positively influenced by the use of storytelling. In this white paper we show you how you can best apply this.

  • Importance of good management information

    This week: The importance of good management information. In many organizations we see that halfway through the year people see that the goals are not being achieved. This is the moment when people fall back on business as usual and the annual plans end up in the drawer. In this insight, we explain how you can prevent this on the basis of good management information.

1. Performance Management

This month we take you participate in a number of articles in the field of Key Performance Indicators. How to designt you the right KPI's, How do you deal with it, and we show how we applied this in a case involving the North/South line. Every week we post a new insight in which we share our experience from a different perspective.  


  • The 5 Steps of Performance Management

    This week: The 5 steps of Performance Management – A North/South line case.

    On the basis of five steps that Supply Value has applied in the period leading up to the opening of the North/South line in Amsterdam, we show how we view performance management.

  • Design good KPIs in 7 steps

    Last week we informed you about the relationship between goals, processes and organizational structure. This week: Design good KPIs in 7 steps. KPIs are used to measure the organization, processes or personnel. There is a lot to consider, in this insight we explain how you can achieve a good KPI in 7 steps. We also refer to a handy template to get started.

  • Quick scan Performance Management model

    This week we start with the bigger picture: Identifying Pain Points. The Supply Value Performance Management model can be used well for this. This model addresses the relationship between the doelen, the Processes and the implementation of these processes based on the organizational structure.