Core values

Our employees and partners are the basis for our success. If they grow, Supply Value grows as a company. They share the following core values:

  • Freedom

    We are objective, positively critical and independent.

  • Responsibility

    We are customer-oriented, goal-oriented and environment-aware.

  • Trust

    We build relationships, deliver quality and act with integrity.

  • Fun

    We do our work with pleasure and enthusiasm, work together with the people around us and share our knowledge.

Sustainable result

We believe that the right approach in combination with the right people and resources leads to sustainable results.

Our approach

Our approach stands for sustainable result and starts from drivethinking, support and doing:

  • Sustainable result

    We are only ready when you are satisfied and when the result is permanent, even after we have left.

  • Drive

    We are passionate, enthusiastic and do our work with passion for the profession.

  • To think

    We collect, analyze and present the right data to prepare decisive decisions. Good preparation is half the job!

  • Support area

    We include the customer and its chain partners in our improvement proposal. We listen and ask questions in order to discover what can be done better. By exploiting the potential of all relevant parties, we accelerate the improvement process.

  • To do

    Our advice does not end with a nice report. We put your employees and partners in motion and help with realizing concrete results. We do this until you can and want to take over the baton again.

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