Our consultants speak: Eline Spee

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Curious about what our consultants experience? This time tells Eline Spee about her experiences. Eline is a consultant in the field of Digital.

About Eline's work as a consultant

In September 2018 I started as a Digital consultant at Supply Value. I chose this because freedom, trust and responsibility are central to Supply Value. We enjoy working with an ambitious team. I am mainly challenged to continuously improve, which means I learn and grow a lot in a short time. In this insight I will tell you about a number of projects that I have worked on.

In my first assignment I was involved in the project and portfolio management of the Environment Agency for Central and West Brabant (OMWB). An environmental service is a regional implementation service that provides permits, supervision and enforcement in the field of the environment, on behalf of municipalities and provinces. In addition, an environmental service performs common tasks for all its clients. The OMWB takes a project-based approach and I helped by guiding, supporting and professionalizing project and portfolio management. On the one hand I monitored the progress of the entire program together with the program manager and on the other hand I supervised various sub-projects.

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Support for digitization

One of the goals of the environmental service is to work in an information-driven way. This makes it possible to plan better and make more efficient use of the available time. To realize this, a short cyclical working method was set up, in which I was closely involved. Together with relevant supervisors and other stakeholders, we examined per subject what information is needed, for what purpose, and how we could digitize this. In this way, we have drawn up a checklist for each specific field within Sprints of a week in multidisciplinary teams. This was then integrated into an application, with which the information could be digitized and analyzed in a low-threshold manner.

I enjoyed being part of this team, getting things done together and taking people along in the change. If you want to bring about such a change, there will always be some form of resistance involved. That is why it is important to include people in the thinking behind it, to understand different perspectives and ways of working, and to create support for the proposed solution. Preparation is just as important for this, so that you involve the right people from the start. I have noticed that evaluating in particular is valuable, in order to keep those involved regularly in touch with the change.

Professionalizing project management

In addition to digitizing within the environmental service, I have taken steps in the professionalization of project management in collaboration with the program manager. We have achieved this by introducing a consultation structure and organizing training days. My knowledge and experience from Supply Value about effective meetings and meeting coaching came in handy.

tender 10 days

Meeting coaching academy

Looking back at the various sub-projects I have worked on, the most important common denominator is good coordination with those involved. In the program I was involved on the one hand in improvement processes that were tackled on a project basis, and on the other hand in the current state of affairs. This does not always go hand in hand, so good coordination is very important to manage these two things side by side.

Tender in 10 days

Recently I collaborated with Sander van der Laan (Managing Director Supply Value) supervised a tender in 10 days at the UBR|HIS, a procurement implementation center for the national government. We regularly see from Supply Value that public organizations can take months to complete this process. That is precisely why I found it a very nice and interesting challenge to be involved in. Due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus, those involved worked from home and the process took place completely digitally. This made it even more challenging. Despite this, we managed to write and publish the tender in 10 working days through good cooperation and coordination. I happily supervised these 10 days, by facilitating the retrospectives and the final evaluation, among other things. Read more here:

Brabant fun

I prefer to spend my free time with my family and friends. I was born and raised in Brabant, and my family and friends live close to me. As a result, we also regularly eat together. That is something I value very much. I am also often creative: I love to draw and am considering taking a drawing or painting course soon. In terms of sports, I like to do dance classes, such as Zumba.

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