Research purchasing talent development

Marno van Houten of Supply Talent has done research into the extent to which organizations pay attention to purchasing talent development. The results of this study show that there are major differences in the degree of attention that organizations devote to purchasing talent development. There is no clear approach.

The three "key findings" of the research are briefly described below.

  1. The results show that it is generally considered important that their organization invests in young purchasing professionals. In addition, it is important that young purchasing professionals are supported by an (independent) personal coach in their personal development.
  2. The inflow of young purchasing professionals from the past 5 years consists mainly of highly educated people with at least a HBO diploma. These young professionals are often tested by means of an assessment and an interview.
  3. The results of the research also show that there are major differences in the amount of time and money a young purchasing professional is allowed to spend on his personal development. In addition, there is a large number of organizations that do not make time available at all.

Based on the results of this research and our own personal experience, we have defined a number of concrete recommendations and actions. These recommendations are aimed at helping your organization and making the best use of young talent full procurement professionals.


  • Invest in young buyers;
  • Allow young buyers to define personal goals;
  • Learn from other organizations;
  • Try to find solutions to let young professionals gain experience with multiple organizations;
  • Make clear agreements about training budgets.

Research report:

Download here the full research report