After (ast) work

Besides hard work it is also important to make room for FUN. That's why we regularly do some social- and sports activities together. Partly during working hours, and partly after work. The activities outside working hours are of course not mandatory; you decide what you prefer to do next to work. Below you can see some examples of the activities we do besides work with our colleagues:

  • Midwinter BBQ

    We barbecue with our partners at one of our colleagues in the backyard to celebrate the winter together;

  • Skiing in Snowworld

    In order to get properly prepared for snow, we must of course train for our winter sports holiday;

  • Ski holiday

    The annual ski holiday where almost the entire organization joins;

  • Christmas drink

    Wrong Christmas sweaters, socks, hats and suits are allowed;

  • FIFA karaoke evening

    We challenge you! Just make sure you can handle your loss.

  • A Buddy Run

    Together with colleagues we run the Buddy Run where we raise money for a good cause;

  • Help a social business

    With solving a business problem;

  • A night away

    To … ;

  • Refurbishing daytime activities

    One team, one task;

  • Building a guinea pig house

    At a petting zoo, of course;

  • And much more!

As you can see, there are many different things we do besides work. This way there is something for everyone. This applies not only to the things we do next to work, but also the things we do at work. On our page about working at Supply Value you can see that we have various possible jobs with various challenging positions.

Not only do we have internal vacancies, but also vacancies for independent professionals, traineeships, and internships.