Markets where we operate

Supply Value provides advice and implementation power in the field of procurement, supply chain, digital and performance management to organizations in the following sectors:

(semi) Government

Governments (central, provincial and local) fulfill a vital function in our country. In addition to developing, implementing and implementing legislation and regulations, the government provides crucial services to citizens, businesses and other government bodies and, as the system operator of our physical, digital, legal and financial infrastructure, the government plays an important role in our society.

Logistics services and mobility

The logistics service has changed. From closed chains we are increasingly going to open networks. Open networks where 4th party logistics providers take control over who transports what from where to where. Consumers expect that what they order today is in the house tomorrow and want to be able to follow that in real time. In addition, it is increasingly important from an efficiency and environmental point of view to shorten the travel distance of parcels. This is only possible if we share smart data in the logistics network of tomorrow.

Health Care

The Dutch healthcare market is developing rapidly and that brings new challenges. Health care is the largest cost item in our country with almost 75 billion euros. The pressure to organize care efficiently so that it remains affordable also increases. Supply Value helps healthcare institutions, insurers and providers to deal with the complex issues they are struggling with.

High tech and industry

More and more companies are confronted with digitization such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and data integration. The concept of Industry 4.0 also regularly comes into play. This is the name for the next revolution in industrialization, which states that the production method will change drastically because factory machines and processes communicate independently via the cloud. But how do high-tech companies look at these developments and what do they do about it?

Fast Moving consumer goods and retail

Consumers have increasingly higher expectations of your products. It is no longer just about the functionality. Consumers expect an experience instead of a product. An experience that they can easily buy, which is delivered instantaneously and which is also good for health, society and the environment.

Are you active in another sector or branch and do you want to use our services? Please contact us. Most of our services are not bound to a specific industry and a critical view of someone outside your industry can also be very valuable.