Launch of Testbed Supply Value

On 14 November, the Rijksoverheid pilot social return of Supply Value was launched! This testing ground is part of the Supply Value framework contract with the National Government. This testing ground is part of the threefold social return approach of Supply Value.

Supply Value was involved from October through December 2017 in a training module for status holders in Rotterdam. The status holders have received weekly training in IT. By including the status holders in the principles of the IT profession, they are better prepared to move on later to vocational education.

In addition, Supply Value completed a purchasing scan at Cambio (restaurant in a residential center in Doesburg) in January 2018. A proposal has been made with measures that Cambio can implement to reduce the loss of its kitchen for the coming year. Cambio presented this proposal to the alderman of the municipality of Doesburg with the result that proposed measures are implemented.

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