Bottlenecks and success factors when applying circular procurement

The linear way of thinking and living in which we constantly extract new raw materials, make something of it and then destroy it ('take, make, waste') depletes our earth. A transition to a different way of thinking and living is crucial and necessary. The circular economy offers a solution.

Circular Procurement 4 Value model

Circular Procurement for Value (CP4V) model

Leaders in business and government show that circular business models demonstrably lead to better performance. A key to boosting the circular economy lies with buyers. They stimulate and create the demand for circularly produced goods.

That it should be different is beyond dispute. The big question is: how? Supply Value has conducted research into the most important bottlenecks and success factors in the application of circular procurement. The aim of this research is to increase the knowledge of circular procurement and to provide practical tools to organizations that want to apply circular procurement. How do you deal with this and what do you have to take into account?

This research thus provides insight into the most important bottlenecks and success factors in circular procurement in practice. In addition, it provides insight into what a circular procurement process looks like, and whether this is fundamentally different from a traditional procurement process. Finally, the results from the research show that circular procurement can be applied in 5 consecutive steps: from 0% circular procurement to 100% circularity in the chain. Based on these five steps, the 'Circular Procurement for Value (CP4V) model has been developed. Organizations are in different stages of maturity with regard to circular procurement. The CP4V is a diagnostic model that shows you where your organization stands on the circular procurement ladder and what it takes to get a step further on this ladder to continually professionalize your circular purchasing activities.

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