The effect of chain collaboration: respondents sought

'' Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success "
- Henry Ford.

As a fanatical obstacle runner I want to quote the following example. Imagine: you run an obstacle run and you have to climb over a high wall. You must achieve this goal in order to set a good time. This goal can be achieved more easily if you help each other to get over this wall together with another athlete. This is often forgotten in the essence at companies, which means that there is no better performance.

Measuring is knowing
Every logistics manager wants to be able to properly assess whether his logistic process is performing optimally. Performance indicators are drawn up for this and can be measured using a measuring system. If the goal on the performance indicators is not achieved, an improvement project can be started.

Chain collaboration
One of the essential factors that facilitates the achievement of the set performance targets is the cooperation between the chain partners. A chain in which partners work together is able to switch faster in a changing market. By coordinating processes better, the entire chain could operate better and above all cheaper.

Information sharing makes chain collaboration possible. Visibility in the chain is essential for making effective decisions. By sharing information, the chain partners can make the right decisions. In addition, it is important to share losses within the chain in addition to profit. This motivates the partners to make the right strategic choices. Integrated processes enable the partners to deliver the products quickly and as cheaply as possible to the end customer. By sharing the right information within the chain, the current performance of the chain can also be measured. In short, those who do not share information with their chain partners leave opportunities.

The research
To test the above theory in practice, we look at the effect of chain cooperation on logistics performance in the Dutch logistics sector. Currently, 9 professionals from logistics organizations have been interviewed about this effect. Are you familiar with this and would you like to help Supply Value investigate the relationship between supply chain collaboration and logistics performance? I would like to contact you to also interview your organization. It takes about half an hour of your time and I can take the interview - if desired - from your company. You can contact me on the contact details below. The ultimate goal of this research is a model where you can see how your company performs and where the areas for improvement lie in the areas of performance measurement and chain collaboration. All data is treated confidentially and anonymously!

Are you curious about the results of this research in connection with this article? Keep an eye on our website for results of this research. At the beginning of 2018 the research results will be shared on our website.

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