Chain collaboration leads to success!

Do you want to improve your logistics performance? What are important elements that your logistics organization should apply? What needs to be done step by step in order to grow as efficiently and effectively as possible as an organization?

Measuring performance is very popular with logistics companies. Performance measurement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the chain. One of the essential factors that facilitates the achievement of the set performance targets is the cooperation with your chain partners. Chain collaboration leads to more efficient use of resources, the development of new competencies and competitive advantage. But to what extent do logistic companies measure their performance and cooperate with their supply chain partners? What effect do these two elements have on the logistical performance?

Research Supply Value
Supply Value carried out a study between September 2017 and January 2018 on the effect of chain collaboration on the relationship between performance and logistical performance. The research was conducted using maturity models and five logistic performance indicators. The maturity model of Ho et al. (2016) was used to look at the extent to which logistic companies work together as described in figure 1.

The conclusions and recommendations of this study are based on 9 interviews with logistics professionals from various logistics organizations. Small logistics organizations were interviewed with fewer than 20 employees and large multinationals with more than 1000 employees.

The results of this research show that chain collaboration has a positive effect on the relationship between performance measurements and logistical performance. Logistic companies indicate that chain collaboration is a necessity rather than a luxury. Most logistics companies measure their performance, however, these companies have difficulty:

  • The customer's needs to measure
  • Integrate different IT systems
  • Continuous improvement of performance is insufficiently stimulated.

In order to improve the chain collaboration, research has been carried out into which investments are needed to rise in the chain collaboration maturity.

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