Value conflict management model

How do you ensure that conflicts between the purchaser and supplier do not predominate, which is detrimental to the relationship and performance of both companies?

Through better relationships to better performance

Chain collaboration is becoming increasingly important for companies to remain relevant to the customer and competitive towards the competitor. The relationship between purchaser and supplier plays a major role here, where trust and commitment are indispensable. However, external partners often have different ideas, interests and especially other business goals, which ensures that conflicts are inseparable from the buyer-supplier relationship. These conflicts can have very damaging consequences for both the relationship quality and the performance of both parties, because the trust and commitment disappear. In order to continue growing together, these factors are essential, so managing conflicts is also essential.

To answer this question, Supply Value has designed the Value Conflict Management Model. This brings together characteristic situations, success factors and best practices, allowing buyers to raise their relationship with the supplier to a higher level, without sacrificing their own performance.

You can download the documentation for the model below free of charge. It states how the model should be used, including a step-by-step plan to get started immediately.

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